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A Slovenian Cricket Wedding

[by Richard Wolfe] Ok, I may not be very objective as his younger brother. But I would love to tell you all about one of the most fantastic games of Cricket I have ever experienced in the Logarska Valley in Slovenia this weekend.

As it happens, it was also my brother's wedding at the time. And as it happens, he married his beautiful Slovenian (now) wife, Mihela. And as it happens, he made her promise to play a game of cricket the day after :)

So with an enthusiastic group of ACC players, national and international cricket friends and most impressive of all a great bunch of non-cricket family and friends, we played a 20 over wedding game on one of the most incredible pitches (created for this event) one will ever see.

I am not going to go on and brag about it for too long, but I really do encourage you congratulate my brother next time you run into him and ask him how it is so that he was not able to beat the team of his lovely bride? The game ended in an 86 - 86 tie, I hope the pics speak for themselves (and no bro, you can't blame the schnapps ;)

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