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ACC 80’s Finals Day!


The Group Phase of the ACC 80’s has come to and end and the results and the fixtures for the Finals Day have been confirmed. I would like to thank all the teams and players for your commitment and availability and the good cricket we have seen!

Group A:

1. ACC 4 – 4 points

2. ACC 2 – 2 points

3. ZOMI – 0 points

Group B:

1. ACC 3 – 2 points

2. ZAMI – 2 points

3. ACC 5 – 2 points

ACC 3 tops the group with a difference of 1 RUN! What a climax in this poule!

Schedule Finals Day:


5th/6th place

ZOMI vs ACC 5 1100

3th/4th place

ZAMI vs ACC 2 1330


ACC 3 vs ACC 4 1530

We would like to welcome you all to come and watch and support us all on the finals day and also food will be available and the more people the better!