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ACC Boys/Girls night out event 2019 - weather didn't dampen spirits

[by Uja] ACC ended the youth season this year with the traditional Boys/Girls night out event, Friday night & Saturday morning, 6-7 September. The weather wasn't very cooperative, but that did not dampen the spirits of ACC families, who arrived with their tents. The especially produced video of the event - our thanks for that! - can be viewed below.

Around 25 kids participated in the Friday evening Tip n run finale when the runs of the evening were doubled. After dinner, kids were divided into various teams so they could compete in the Crick Quiz.

After next morning's Criclympics came the moment that all the kids were eagerly waiting for. The prizes! The interesting part of the Prize Ceremony is that the youth members get to pick his/her own prize.

We would like to thank all the parents who helped us make this event a grand success.

From helping each other to set up the tents, to serving drinks at the bar and to Criclympics.

Your efforts are really appreciated.

Last, but certainly not the least, we would like to thank our sponsors who generously donated for the prizes this season.

They are:

Marleen Balk

Max de Bruin Sr

Guido & Marianna Dukker

Zal Dabhoiwala

Peter-Paul Stradmeijer

De Kredieter (Frank Bakker)

Benno Honsdrecht

Club van Acht

Ajit Kamboy

Contender B.V. (Max de Bruin Jr)

Arthur van Leeuwen

We are looking forward to doing it all again next year!

Cheers, the Youth Committee