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ACC Fairly Odd Tournament Saturday Sept. 14 - schedule, rules and more!

[by the organization] Yesss! We are now ready for another Fairly Odd Tournament at ACC on Saturday September 14th. Great weather for playing and watching cricket that day! But the beer is garanteed cold and the commentary box fully equipped. And there is -new- a BBQ to finish it all, at the end of the tournament. Plus the schedule of play. And the rules, of course.

Every year during the third weekend of the ninth month we play a seven a side social tournament bowling five overs per inning and in the cause of this international event at the Amsterdamsche Cricket Club only one team will stand as the Fairly Odd Winner! In total 8 teams will be competing.

This September 14th will be the fourth edition of this sportive and social festival. We would love you to join us! New: at the end of the day a BBQ will be organised, at 10 euro p.p. Please let pavillion hosts José and Jade know as soon as possible(!!) if you desire their great meat up ;-). Mail José en Jade for joining the BBQ.

● Saturday 14 September 2019
● Start 09.30h (19.30h final)
● One pitch this year
● Teams from the Netherlands and The UK
● A lot of cricket including final
● A lof of fun
● A few beers ;)
● Music and commentary


Dick Broggel (copy of mail already sent to participants): ''Apologies for the long suspense, but here is the schedule for this Saturday! This link will bring you to a website we will use during the day and on which you can check out standings, times, etc. Below the schedule and the rules. For those who haven't paid yet, please find a payment link here (Bunq) or bring cash Saturday morning at the registration table.

See you Saturday!''

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