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ACC's Fairly Odd Tournament demands a fairly odd match report

[bij Joost Bakker] ACC’s Fairly Odd Tournament, now organized for the third consecutive year, was played under a fairly unclouded September sky. No, to call the day fair is doing it injustice: the weather was majestic, the participating teams regal, and the organisation (fairly) flawless.

Eight participating teams distributed over two groups, first played a group competition before a final would decide which of them would be crowned as ‘the odd one out’. Three local ACC teams competed, alongside two of our friendly arch rivals VRA, Haarlem’s Rood & Wit, touring team the Zamigos and a team representing the (still) United Kingdom from North Moreton (huh? where?). Let me remind you of the rules: each team has 7 players, an innings consists of 6 overs of 5 deliveries each, and every team member must bowl one over, excepting the poor wicket keeper. Illegal deliveries punished by three runs, but only bowled again in the last over. We must stick to the time table, after all

The group phase for group A was rapidly decided in favour of the first VRA team, captained by Lotte Heerkens. Her team, nicknamed Lotte’s Men, was formed by a collection of caped avangers who boom-boomed their way into the final. They did so at the expense of ACC’s Umer Muhammed collection of subcontinental internationals (or so their outfits seemed to suggest), past VRA team two, a family affair captained by Thomas Spits, and the tourists from North-Moreton with Aidan Lemming at the helm.

In group B the friendly Zamigos stayed friendly and were rapidly eliminated. The other teams turned this group into a veritable Group of Death. ACC teams headed by Sahil XXXX and Stephan Hannema were in a three-way tie with Rood & Wit. 

I forgot what the outcome was, for there was a superover and I must have been somewhat , let's say disposed by that time. And I don't remember much from the final either due to the emotions of the day, haha. Perhaps some one can add this to this report? It would be a good idea too to mention Team Sahil, because they got signed off in a rather cruel manner. Let's make this report a fairly odd team effort, like the nice photo's.

The final was good fun, but surely not as exciting as only super overs can be. Lotte’s caped men (or were they birds?) made no mistakes and secured the first cross-town victory, and the , ahem, fairly crappy trophy moved from ACC a bit west to stay at VRA for a year.

All in all, the tournament has proven itself. Odd, but only fairly so. And great fun. 

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