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ACC Zomi and The curse of the chickenskin!

[door Robert Wolfe] Away against hermes. We are sent in to field first. After 8 overs Marvin has four wickets. And we start selling chickenskins. It kinda like selling bearskins before you shot the bear combined with counting your chickens before they've hatched. We feel like we have won the game already. 


Everyone seems to take the edge off their game. Everyone that is, except our keeper the gimp who when he gets an unlucky bounce of a marvin fastball on the edge of the mat immediately shows he is still awake. The gimp is still sharp cause the gimp has said he would have no byes at all this match. He has no chickenskins for sale because for him every ball counts. 


But sadly there is no way he can get his gloves to this ball in time. However in an amazing reflex that would not even be visible to the naked eye in a slowmotion replay, gimp manages to stop the ball anyway. He positions his head in such a way that his lower two centre teeth stop the ball from running to the boundary for four. What skill and what a commitment. His commitment to not have any byes even extends to him then strategically leaving the pitch, making a few phone calls, visiting a local dentist and returning just in time for our batting innings. This meant that indeed he had no byes the whole game. 


In the mean time the rest of us had almost sold out of chickenskins and got them all out for 112. Lunch was a disaster, mainly because of the excelsior fans in our team. And then we batted. And the eggs didnt hatch, nor did the bear look like he was afraid of any gun. One batsman made it into double figures and was out for 21. The rest made enough for us to reach just over halfway the total. 


Feyenoord, ACC Zomi and the lower teeth of the gimp had a lot in common that day. Severely knocked back and not feeling better for it. But then we realised it was still a day of cricket, the season was underway and hence it was a glorious day!!!!