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Are you going to play? Let SPOND know!

About the Team Management App used for all ACC competition games.

Dag allemaal, Hi all,

This message is for all parents and players of ACC. This year we will continue using SPOND as the team management app for all senior teams and expand to all youth teams.

As this will be new for some parents we have created a short tutorial:

1. Your team leader can provide a link to the Spond team for the player. By clicking this link you can sign up for the team. As a parent please MAKE SURE to sign up as a GUARDIAN and not as a member (see image). The please fill in all the player details (a photo really also helps the team leaders and coaches).

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2. Per game, please confirm your availability so the team leader knows who can play and who is unavailable. You can also check Spond for the starting time and location of the game.

3. For training it is asumed you are available. If this is different for any reason you can set the player to unavailable.

4. If you can not use an app, no problem, just go to and login to the web version of My Spond. This is also where you can find more tutorials on how to use Spond as a player, a parent or a team leader.

For any other questions on Spond at ACC please see your team leader or the youth coordinator.

Kind regards, Saju and Richard

PRO TIP: In the SPOND app you can sync the events to you phone calendar, which makes it easy to know when games are played and to navigate to other clubs 👍