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Report 2: Boys & Girls Night ACC with results and note for parents

[By Richard Wolfe] Hi all, with Boys & Girls night the 2018 Youth season has come to an end. We would like to thank everyone who helped out this season to make it a great cricket summer for the children.

Before we list the Tip & Run prize winners and share some more great photos (thanks to Roland Flierman) I would like to inform the parents that we made an error in communicating the cost for B&G Night. Normally all parents pay € 20 for food and prize money, regardless if you stay overnight or not. But due to our error some people have now paid 15 and others 20.

So I would like to offer those parents who paid 20 the possibility of a refund of € 5. Also if you paid 15 and would still like to contribute the € 5 for the prize money then we really appreciate that too. If we have a surplus it will go into the budget for next years Boys & Girls night. To collect your refund please contact me (Richard) on My apologies for the inconvenience.

The prize winners:

Numbers (hard ball):

1st Mark

2nd Senna

3rd Joshua

Tip and run majors:

1st Anshika

2nd Lonne

3rd Sebastian

Tip and run minors:

1st Aryan

2nd Saravana

3rd Fraser

Bowling mentions:
Mark and Tibo

A very special word of thanks to the following members who made generous donations to help pay for the costs of all the prizes:

Max de Bruin Jr

De Kredieter (Frank Bakker) (Roelof Balk)

Willemijn Neleman

Zal Dabhoiwala

Marleen Balk

Michael van Os

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