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Update: ACC Tens Cup start seizoen voor lagere teams

Update: Kijk onderaan voor de regels

Op zondag 14 april staan de diverse lagere teams van ACC tegenover elkaar om zich voor te bereiden op het komende seizoen. De ACC Tens Cup belooft nu al een onvergetelijke happening te worden.

Het toernooi begint om 10.00 uur en alle teams moeten om 09.15 uur verzamelen. Uiteraard is het openingstoernooi voor de lagere teams ook een geweldig evenement om naar te kijken. Dus komt allen!

Kijk hieronder voor alle gegevens:


The ACC Tens Cup! (updated)

14th of April 2024

1 group of 4 teams

1. Zami, 2. ACC 3, 3. ACC 4, 4. ACC5/Zomi

Matches: first match starts at 10am!

1. ACC 3 vs ZAMI

2. ACC 4 vs ACC 5/ZOMI

3. ZAMI vs ACC 4

4. ACC 3 vs ACC 5/ZOMI


6. ACC 3 vs ACC 4




3. ACC 3

4. ACC 4

5. ACC 3/ACC 4


If all on time we could start earlier then 10 am!

If enough time we could always do a semi final, but otherwise a final between the top teams of each group.


Bowling opposition all out: 1p

Scoring more then 135 runs: 1p

We will also discuss fix time per innings as we dont want to take to much time, we might consider bowling from a short run up.

The teams that are not playing will provide umpires and a scorer. List below of which teams are needed at which games.

If updates or changes will update asap.

Just a reminder this is a tournament to start the season of and to get along again after a long winter, meet some new faces get us all started for a new season so the main goal is , fun get together get to know each other and ENJOY! This is not the ipl or world cup so let us all make it a wonderfull day!



1. Bowling oppo out is 1 point

2. Scoring a total of 135+ is 1 point.

3. If a team has less then 11 players they can ask a sub from a other team to fill in and play, but you can only let a player play once as a sub and if you need another sub for another game you CAN NOT choose the same player , this allows different players to play on order to give everyone fair chances to play.

4. The fielding team has a max of 45 min to finish the innings if finished after 45 min every 5 minutes will be 2 runs extra for the batting team.

5. The batting team needs to make sure the batters are ready to go, when a wicket falls the batter has 30 seconds to come on the pitch, for every 5 seconds late the batting team gets 1 run deducted.

6. Before the start of the 8th over the fielding team will send their openers to pad up and the umpiring and scoring team will provide 2 sub fielders who are ready to go in if the subs are not ready the umpiring & scoring team will play next game with -5 runs.

7. After finishing an innings the teams have 5 minutes to break and get ready to start. At the start of a match or when finishing an innings if either the batting or fielding side is not on time they will get -5 runs.

8. We will be playing/bowling from one end in order to save time and a limited run up will be set as well.

9. All teams are expected to be at ACC at max 0915! If teams are not complete these will be minus points or runs, we can also if captains our not happy with the schedule we can draw it again on the day. We need all teams to be on time to make it work on the day.

10. If you hit the sight screen straight six this gets you 8runs and if you hit the ball for 6 on to the top of the nets and the ball stays on top of the nets you will get 10 runs.

11. We will play with free hits.

Winning a game will get you 2 points the umpire and scoring team will make sure to have a timer set and to make sure the sub fielders are ready to take over. There will be a fining ruling for dropped catches etc but this will be discussed on the day.

Let us all make it a nice day were the goal/aim is to get connected play some nice cricket and get to know each other and get ready for a good season! Let us all play in the spirit of the game

It would be nice to start of the first game between 0930 and 0945 this in order to make sure we can complete all matches and finish it in 1 day. This can happen if we all get together and make sure to finish the matches in time.

On the day the Tens Cup judges/commission/board  will be named these consist of 4 people and will be named on the day of the tournament.

All captains will provide any further information if required and for more questions please contact your captain.

If you are new and do not have a team yet, please feel free to come to ACC or contact any captain and we will make sure you play!