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Youth training intentions April/May

[by Richard Wolfe]

Dag allemaal, hi all (English below),

In verband met regelmatige updates en het feit dat onze head coach en veel spelers en ouders Engelstalig zijn willen we er voor kiezen om de berichten over trainingen en de nieuwe protocollen in deze periode uitsluitend in het Engels op te stellen. Indien er toch behoefte is aan Nederlandstalige berichtgeving graag contact opnemen met


With the possibility of now providing training sessions for the youth we are in the process of getting approval from the council to start with training sessions for all age groups (except Tip & Run) this week. Please let me share the following considerations with you so the kids and the club can start playing cricket again in the spirit of the "the game and this time".

  • A new safety protocol will be published prior to the training sessions on our website and if needed updated as we learn about practical improvements or new guidelines. Please be sure to understand the protocol in detail (both parent and child) and check back regularly for updates.
  • We will start small and grow in intensity and numbers if we consider it safe and in line with the guidelines. Please let us know if you have any concerns or ideas you would like to share as we move along.
  • The schedules and plans that we will share this week are intentions and still await approval from the city council. Please understand that changes may happen.
  • U9, U11 and U13 will train on Wednesdays and Fridays from 17.00-19.00 and we hope to commence as of Friday the 1st of May 
  • U15 and U17 will train on Tuesday and Thursdays from 17.00-20.00 and we hope to commence as of Thursday the 29th of April
  • Tip & Run will not be operating for the time being. Minimum age for U9 training is 7 years old.
  • We will most likely need help from volunteers to assist in "safeguarding" the protocols during the training sessions. Anyone keen to help out please contact me.
  • The tool for scheduling, Teamstuff, is no longer used as the company has stopped operating. We have put in place a new club calendar tool called Teamup which solves many challenges but is not equal to Teamstuff. A video on how to use the new tool is in the making yet the calendar overview will be in the same spot on the website.
  • The Youth Committee will have the following responsibilities
    • Richard Wolfe - representative board and coordinator U9/U11/U13
    • Jim Dukker - technical coordination and coordinator U15/U17
    • Taku Kusano - head coach
    • Rehan Younis - events

This leaves me to make two special mentions. First is that we asked a new member, Abel Heymeijer, to act as a central point of information for all Corona related protocols. Abel is a keen cricketer and studies Sports Management in Amsterdam. He will, on on ongoing basis, be able to answer questions on the protocols.

And last but everything but least. Many of you will have noticed that Uja is no longer part of the youth committee. This is because her sons h Gl ave decided to no longer play cricket in the summer. I would like to, again, thank Uja on behalf of the board and I believe all members for her enthousiastic effort and great help and leadership in the past years. 👏 🙏

To all boys & girls. We look forward to seeing you soon on the pitch and in the nets at ACC!!