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A Tribute to Shane Warne

[by Girish Chauhan] Last week on 4th March we lost a magician. World knows him as Shane Warne. He was just 52. I thought it was fake news but later came to know it was true. In my head I am still thinking - Am I sleeping and it's a bad dream. I was stunned when it got confirmed that Shane is actually gone. Some people are part of your life and when they go - it feels personal.

He was one of those cricketers whom I used to follow since childhood. Extremely talented, Cunning & Arrogant on the field , on your face attitude, remarkably skillful and a great leader. He was a master tactician; He has an extraordinary capability to connect with youngsters/cricketers and even with audiences.

Cricket would have learnt so much from you Shane, you bowled all of us here with another Flipper. We were not ready for this.

Gone too early #GOAT. But like they say - legends never die, they stay forever in their fans' hearts.

You are and always will remain in my heart. You were my childhood hero. I will miss you!!

RIP Shane.

Om Shanti

Shane was extremely busy and was working with many leagues, broadcasters etc. He was on a holiday and suddenly he was gone. Just at the age of 52. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Life is too short, let's make this world a better place. Our interaction with any of our colleagues or with anyone can be our last interaction. Let's be civil and have a sense of empathy for others. You never know what will happen next.

Thanks for the memories Shane. We're gonna miss you.

Rest in Peace.