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ACC 4 Season Preview

Cricket is a game of mental toughness, a lot of experts say it's 80% in head and 20% execution. With my experience I have seen many close matches, ups & downs , lows & highs , amazing performances and meltdowns. What I cherish the most is what a team & player do when they are pushed to the limits. That’s the character this Gentleman game brings to the table. This skill based game helps in individual performances but until you don’t have a collective unit performing together – A squad can't become a TEAM. 

Team – This is a massive word. What is a team , what it stands for, how teams support each other, how they celebrate success, how they deal with failure . All these elements come together and transform a squad to a Team. What are the principles you stand for, what are your ethics and how you execute your behavior in those tight crunch moments. That’s where Cricket tests a Team which believes in themselves, their values, principals , training, hunger, leadership and a combination of all this decides whether you are a bunch which comes together on a weekend to spend time together or you are a team on a mission.

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The 2022 season is starting in a couple of weeks and Team 4 is training hard to put their best from the beginning. We are discussing the combinations to play, who will bring what on the table and how we can execute our plans on the D Day. Team 4 at ACC is just one season old and we have some changes in the squad this year. Our MVP last season graduated from League 3 to Top class. Navin Saran will play for ACC team 1 this year. Some other players have joined other teams and a couple of players have moved back to India. But the good part is we have exciting new players in our team – Ankush, Vinodh, Mahak , Anukool and Siddharth.

  • We are very excited to have them and can't wait to see them in action. All of them bring different skills in the mix.
  • Ankush is a solid opening batter and an off spinner.
  • Vinodh has vast experience playing in the Netherlands and we are looking forward to using his knowledge on the field. He is a spinner and a lower middle order batter.
  • Mahak is a leggie and a very exciting prospect. He is a live wire in the field.
  • Anukool is a middle order batsman and a backup wicket keeper. He brings diversity in the team as one and only left handed batter in the squad.
  • Sidharth is a fast bowler , middle order batter and a brilliant fielder.
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We have a long season ahead and like always it brings excitement, anxiousness, nervousness and all kinds of feelings. Team 4 is preparing themselves for months and now focusing more on temperament and specific role based skills for each player. Idea is to believe in ourselves and execute our plans on the bigger platform. Everything is not on the platter, Life always throws challenges . This time, we have some challenges such as some key players are travelling during initial matches and some have last minute injuries. But this brings other players in focus, time to raise the hand and perform for the team. The real excitement is to see how our new players perform and the energy they are bringing on the field. Last few, focused practice sessions look amazing, players know their role and have experience playing in Dutch conditions. Can’t wait to see them using their last season experience and apply themselves in this season. 

As a team we believe in playing hard, our on field conduct, sensibilities , respect cricket & opposition and not to forget to have fun together.

Long season will test us as a Team ; we will back our strength and try to seize the key moments by keeping basics right, by keeping it simple and real with sharp & shrewd strategies. We look forward to the  exciting times. Season 2022, here we come. 


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