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ACC's jeugd en de plannen voor het snel naderende seizoen 2019

[by Richard Wolfe] Even though it is officially still winter I have noticed more and more cricket itches with kids and parents in Amsterdam. As this week is a Dutch school holiday there are no more indoor practice sessions and some have decided to travel to the Alps for some skiing or…..


So what are the plans for the season 2019? This report, which follows the personal email sent to you all, contains a quick sum up and you can always chat with your team leader or myself if you have any questions.




Flamingo indoor

In march we will have indoor tournaments organised by then KNCB for most of the hard ball teams (6aside, 2xU11,1xU13 and 1xU15). The so called Flamingo tournaments will be played in different locations in the region on 3 Sundays. The schedule can be found via this KNCB-link.


For the softball teams we will be looking into playing indoor friendlies and they will be announced separately by Uja.


Tip and Run

And for all youngsters we will start doing Tip & Run as the springtime hits. Tip & Run are social cricket evenings on Fridays at ACC where the kids can play fun cricket games (Tip&Run with softball, Numbers with hardball) and families can enjoy a drink and a meal. We will start from March 22nd and Tip&Run will take place every friday until the end of the season.




Outdoor training

On Tuesday 22nd of April we will commence the weekly outdoor training sessions. Our coaches (Saqib, Sikander, Rehmat, Jim, Raja and the still to be announced pro) will work on the technical skills and tactical insights of our youngsters on:


Tue 17.30-19.00 Hardball teams (U17 @ ACC)

Wed 17.30-19.00 Softball teams

Thu 17.30-19.00 Hardball teams (U17 @ VRA)


Of course the softball team children will also have a chance on Friday to practice more and gradually get introduced to the hardball when suitable.


Please note that the ACC nets are available all year through for our youngsters to practice with eachother and friends.


May, June, July


KNCB competition

The competition season schedule has not yet been released but will most likely start on the first weekend of May and continue until the summer holiday. Typically the start of the season for 6 weeks the games are on Sunday mornings and then the youth games switch to the Saturday morning for the remainder of the season.


We have made a preliminary team setup and expect to start in these compositions. U11 hardball will have two teams and have been formed based on input from coaches and parents also including social and practical considerations. Minor changes may be announced prior to the season. The teamleaders will be updating Teamstuff in the following weeks and add the competition games when announced.


Tip & Run: Uja and Rehan will be in charge of organising Tip & Run. Some players may be Tip & Run only and are not placed in a competition team.


U9: Teamleader “tba’’

U11 SB: Teamleader Rajkumar

U11-B HB: Teamleader Sam

U11-A HB: Teamleader Balaji

U13: Teamleader Jan

U15: Teamleader Ankur

U17: Teamleader Nitin



August, September


The summer months will contain several highlights of the cricket season including the Cricket Tour to the UK in July and of course the famous Boys & Girls night in September to wrap up the season. The end of the summer holiday typically also hosts the competition finals for the different age groups.


More information abou the cricket tour will follow. But for any questions please see Giles :) For softball questions please see Uja and I am happy to assist on all hardball related topics.


Summary of most important dates:

Start of Flamingo - 10 March

Start of Tip & Run - 22 March

Start of Outdoor training - 16 April

Youth Tour - 15-19 July


Have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you in March!




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