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ACC Youth 2020 'Lockdown Tour' at the club: July 8-11

From dinner time on Wednesday until breakfast on Saturday

[by Giles Francis] Calling all ACC’ers between the ages of 12 to 16!
In place of the usual trip to the UK,we have the fabulous ACC LOCKDOWN TOUR taking place only at the club.This is in the first week of the holidays, from dinner time on Wednesday 8th July, until breakfast on Saturday 11th July.

There will be a heady mix of cricket -organised by the brand new Amsterdam Cricket Academy- and of kids' entertainment, organised by those who know best: two of our ACC kids, Mark and Jake! (see presentation below)

Camping at the club each night is all part of the fun (please bring your own tent) kids and parents can come for all or part of the Tour. For the kids the costs per day are just €50 for the coaching plus breakfast/lunch/supper & for adults just €25 for all the day’s meals (pay online or at the bar). There is a small charge for (optional) dinner on Wednesday, but breakfast on Saturday is included. José is providing all the refreshments from both the bar and the kitchen.

Academy coaching sessions run from 12-4 pm on both Thursday and Friday.

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Any parents wishing to be absent can appoint a parent who is present at the club as the guardian of their child. Sleeping arrangements are also the responsibility of the parents, we recommend tent sharing for household members. This is a perfect opportunity for learning cricket skills from quality coaches in a short space of time. Plus - no cars, airports, planes, trains, boats or face masks required - this is the first cricket tour ever where we are ‘travelling without moving’ (apologies to Jamiroquai!).

Any questions? Please contact Giles or Mark & Jake 😎

Sponsoring welcome! Contact Richard.