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Breaking News - Mancunian Cup

[door Rick Thorburn] Just before midnight the following transfers were registered for the Mancunian Cup;

  • Michael Dukker purchased Arjan Kumar, Noah de Jong and David Schinkel
  • Stephan Hannema has sold all of last years players and has a complete new team.
  • Centurion Richard Wolfe has been doing a lot of secret business and has signed up father and son Mulready and the unknown International Vikas Sharma
  • Guy Pathak was not to be disturbed during the transfer period but has somehow signed some significant players; International wicket keeper Rene Schoonheim, Family Rasool, Youth International Mees van Vliet and Kees van Nieuwkerk.

The following teams will compete on Saturday for the Mancunian Cup.

Start first game 10:00

Cost €20 per person (Lunch; BBQ; Drinks and snacks). Supporters are also very welcoming for the Lunch and BBQ! For more info contact Rick Thorburn - 06-15249431

Team 1
 Michael Dukker, Bas van der Heyde, Rob van Boeschoten, Arjan Kumar, Rehan Younis, Asad Zulfiqar, Mudi AllahRakha, Noah de Jong, David Schinkel
Team 2
Stephan Hannema, Chris Knoll, Wim Pielage, Jim Dukker, Duncan McNab, Shreyas Potdar, Beau te Boekhorst, Neil Wall, Devanschu Arya
Team 3
Richard Wolfe, Sean Walsh, Sajjad Ali, Robert Wolfe, Berend Edelenbos, Areeb Shoaib, Jamieson Mulready, Mark Mulready, Vikas Sharma
Team 4
Guy Pathak, Shirase Rasool, Yankit Gupta, Mees van Vliet, Umer Muhammad, Saqib Zulfiqar, Rene Schoonheim, Shabaz Rasool, Kees van Nieuwkerk

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