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Dosti verliest van ACC1 zaterdag voorspellen Tkcricket’s Lyall/De Jong

[by the editor/MvO] ‘Just like that, the final-phase is upon us’, schrijven Bertus de Jong en Rod Lyall in hun Topklasse Round 7 Preview op TKcricket. Over de wedstrijd van zaterdag (!) op Het Loopveld tegen de onderste club Dosti, dat bij ons zijn uitwedstrijd speelt, zijn ze duidelijk: die gaat ACC winnend afsluiten, als het weer geen spelbreker wordt. Duimen dus. Nu volgens slechts uitwedstrijden voor onze jongens. Maar ook dan vallen er nog punten te halen in dit hoogst opmerkelijke seizoen! Zie Lyall/De Jong's andere voorspellingen voor dit weekend hier.

Bertus de Jong: Once again the lack of a home ground forces Dosti United to play a home game at their opponents’ ground, and to move it to Saturday. In this case ACC will be hoping for a positive outcome in the other Amsterdam Derby, when Dosti cross the Amstel to take them on at Het Loopveld. Vinoo Tewarie’s side are still looking for their first win this season, despite the skipper’s own best efforts.


Tewarie had another fine game with bat and ball last week but again found little support from his team-mates. An occasional exception has been Waheed Masood, who has become almost as crucial with bat as with ball to his struggling side, but Tewarie will need both him and Mahesh Hans on form, or contribution from an unaccustomed corner if Dosti are to find their first points this Sunday.

Rod Lyall: ACC are one of clubs who are benefiting from the opportunity to allow their crop of youngsters to flourish, and they will have ample opportunity to do so this week against a less-than-imposing Dosti attack. Not that the Drieburgers can be written off entirely: the pace of Masood and Tewarie’s leg-spin caused VOC problems last week, and with varied spin from Touseef Ahmad, Hans and Asief Hoseinbaks the likes of Shreyas Potdar and Jamieson Mulready will have the chance to practise their technique against slower bowling.

ACC’s own attack has shown, notably against Sparta and VOC, that it can run through opposing sides, and Dosti’s capacity for spectacular collapse has been evident on a weekly basis. If Messrs. Duckworth, Lewis and Stern manage to generate a finish, you’d expect it to be in ACC’s favour.

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