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Ezzat Muhseni talks about his love for ACC and Afghanistan

Sushant Tiwari has made another terrific podcast! Our great bowler of ACC 4 talks to Ezzat Muhseni, the one and only captain of ACC Zomi.

Ezzat Muhseni (a.k.a Tazze) comes from Afghanistan and started following cricket early in his life, but fell in love with it once he joined ACC.

Within four years time, he has gone from being game’s absolute rookie to the captain and highest run-scorer for ACC Zomi in 2023.

Ezzat explains how he got introduced to the game and talks about his love for Afghanistan Cricket Team. The allrounder of ACC Zomi also tells some hilarious anecdotes about his current team and explains how he got his name Tazze, which is spelled Ezzat in reverse!!

Press here to listen to the podcast on Spotify.

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