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New podcast about ACC and cricket in the Netherlands

Sushant Tiwari has made a terrific podcast. Our great bowler of ACC 4 talks in his livingroom in Diemen with Girish Shauhan and Jan Balk about ACC and Cricket in the Netherlands.

The first podcast episode of Inswinging Yorkers has been recorded on 16 November, 2023. Jan Balk has been playing for ACC for 52 years. And Girish Chauhan, who has led ACC 4 for the past 3 years, just doesn’t stop talking about cricket EVER. What better guests to have on the first episode?

Sushant, Girish and Jan discuss about their cricketing journeys, evolution and potential of cricket in the Netherlands, impact of expats on the game, and much much more.

Press here to listen to the podcast on Spotify.

Press here to listen to the podcast on Apple.

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