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Huldiging ACC/VRA/QV U17 & U15

[Announcement by Richard, Match reports (below) by Aadi and Wilfred 🙏]


Afgelopen weekend hebben de combinatieteams beiden een prachtige strijd geleverd met zilveren medailles voor de U15 en wederom de landskampioenschap voor de U17.


Komende zaterdag tijdens de driedaagse wedstrijd tussen ACC en VRA worden de jonge mannen gevierd met een bijeenkomst in het ACC Clubhuis.


Vanwege aangescherpte Corona maatregelen kunnen toeschouwers de jongens zeker een warme toejuiching doen in en buiten het clubhuis, maar er wordt verzocht de afstandsregels en maximale aantallen in het clubhuis te respecteren.


Vanaf 17:00 zullen de jongens naar de club komen voor deze viering met een drankje en mooie maaltijd. Dank voor de betrokken besturen voor het mogelijk maken hiervan.

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VRA U15 Finals Match Report – by Aadi Patwardhan

We Pulled the COVID 19 bouncer and ACC/VRA are runners up at U-15 Youth cricket final!

We entered the game with a great semifinal win against VOC and this time we were hoping to replicate the win against a much stronger opponent Kampong. The day was beautiful with sun shine and above all there were topnotch preparations from the hosts Punjab Cricket club. We arrived there early at 8:45 AM clock. The field was slightly wet with morning dew and great bowling conditions. ACC Head coach Taku accompanied to encourage and support us. KNCB umpires Andrew Baird and Madhavan had also arrived. A quick warm up and toss had been done. Phew, Captain Mark won and we were Bowling first. We knew this was going to be tough, previously throughout the season both times we lost to Kampong, due to their better batting and bowling. Today was our chance to settle the scores.

At 10 o clock, the time had come to put all the effort and hard work from the entire season into 1 match, our finals. Kampong openers walk into the pitch. The time had come... Captain Mark Wolfe and vice- captain Ibaad Zaidi decided to change the strategy this time to surprise the opponents, choosing Momen Khan to open the following.

Bowlers were still getting used to the condition during the opening overs, but in the 2nd over the first wicket fell as Jake Lane did a good throw from deep point and bowler Ibaad Zaidi took the bails off. Throughout the next 4 overs, 11 wides were bowled and Kampong had already scored 61 runs of the first 8 overs but this changed in the next 6 overs. A maiden over from Aadi Patwardhan followed by an economic over from Keano put brakes on Kampong’s run rate and Mark took a great catch running catch to dismiss their no 3. By over 18, we had lowered Kampong’s run rate from about 8 to under 6. They crossed 100 in the 18th over. But from here Kampong started regaining their run rate. The extras started increasing and at over 25 the situation seemed desperate. Jake Lane is brought back in the attack. The Kampong Captain and opener was still batting and was starting to hit boundaries. Just then Jake Lane got a breakthrough. A smart good length rising ball, hit to long off where Ibaad Zaidi takes a good catch in the sun. The next over Aadi Patwardhan gets a clean bowled and now 4 wickets have fallen, Kampong are 154 in 26 overs. The next over 10 runs are added and in the final 3 overs many leg byes cost up to 20 runs, kampong cross 180. Final score, Kampong – 188 for 4 in 30 overs of which 83 are extras. The target is 189!

After a quick 15 minute break and the chase began! Openers Madhan Selvam and Harshdeep Singh started steadily in 5 over and Harshdeep nonchalantly launched the first six over midwicket. By 10th over the run rate picked up but not enough, seeing this the plan is changed. In need of runs, Mark decided to send in a pinch hitter to increase the run rate. Two overs later Madhan Selvam falls, Aadi Patwardhan walks in. The gamble fails though as Aadi Patwardhan fails to pick up the pace and gets out bowled on 2 trying to accelerate. Next in is Vice Captain Ibaad Zaidi, top batsman of the whole U15 pool having an average over 100, Ibaad comes in and immediately displays his skill hitting a 4 on the first ball. Shortly after, on a great ball Harshdeep singh falls after a solid knock of 39 with 2 boundaries and a 6! At 22th over the situation looks desperate for ACC/VRA, with only 83 runs on board. Now Momen khan walks in. He quickly gets of the mark with a single but shortly after is out on a very good diving catch at cover, Momen Khan departs for 2.

Captain Mark Wolfe now comes in, he immediately hits a powerful pull to deep square leg for 4 but then is also caught at cover. Now Jake Lane walks in. He starts with a four and simply continues and raises a glimmer of hope. Jake and Ibaad add 35 runs in the next 4 overs. Just then Ibaad gets caught while trying to clear deep midwicket. A brisk innings comes to an end, Ibaad Zaidi departs for 22. Ibrahim Shah enters, he quickly rotates strike and now Jake starts hitting. In the Next 3 overs jake takes the score to 146 by hitting 4 boundaries, 1 boundary hit by dancing down the track for Kampong’s fastest bower. Unlucky for us that we ran out of overs. Jake Lane finishes with a great knock of 31* from 24 balls along with Keano Pepler on 2*. ACC/VRA final score 146-7 in 30 overs.

Although we lost by 42 runs, we scored 111 off the bat while Kampong scored 105! This match was a perfect example of how we cannot underestimate Mr. Extras and must control them. In the end it was a great game played in fantastic spirit which brought curtains to an amazing season.

Key performances:
Aadi Patwardhan – 4 overs 1 wicket 7 runs 0 extras Keano Pepler – 2 overs 1 wicket 5 runs 4 extras

Harshdeep Singh – 39 (57 balls), 2 fours and 1 six. Jake lane – 31 Not out (24 balls), 5 fours.
Ibaad Zaidi – 22 (19), 5 fours

Ibaad Zaidi – 1 run out and 1 catch
Mark Wolfe – 1 catch

U17 Final VRA/ACC/QV 19 September 2020.

by Wilfred Hartsink.

After a relatively easy semi final the boys were ready for the final against VCC.

We lost the toss and VCC elected to field.

Udit Nashir opened the batting with Ammar Zaidi (ACC).

Zaidi was the first to go scoring 9. Fall of wicket 23/1.

Mees van Vliet (ACC) joind Nashir at the crease and they went to work on the VCC bowling in a very professional manner. Nashier showing his class with beautiful drives and pulls. Hitting effortless 6's and graceful boundaries.

At the other end Van Vliet grafted hard and bludgeoned a few boundaries. Van Vliet was the next to depart trying to smash a 4 to reach his 50. Unfortunately he was bowled for 47. Fall of wicket 142/2.

It was now time to accelerate, wickets in hand Nashir kept going and was finally caught for 81.

Fall of wicket 156/3 Great innings by this young man, proving why Pete Boren selected him to play senior cricket this season.

The remaining batsman chipped in with quick runs and losing their wickets for the cause.

Potdar went for 5 runs Fall of wicket 166/4

Lal following soon after for 8 runs. Fall of wicket 167/5

Hartsink and White ran hard and made singles into twos. White really pushing Hartsink to the limit.

Hartsink ending with 10 not out and White 7 not out. End of innings.

185/5 in 30 overs.

Van Vliet opened the bowling with VCC attacking from the first ball. Going for 18 runs in his first two overs. Hartsink opening from the other end was more economical going for just 4 runs in his 2 overs.

It was tough going however as wickets weren’t falling, but the boys bowled economically keeping the VCC batsman honest. Nashir bowling 5 overs for just 16 runs.

VCC losing their first wicket on 66/1 caught Zaidi bowled Mishra. 20 runs later Master managed to get an LBW. 86/2. All to play for with the match in the balance.

We made it difficult for ourselves by dropping catches in the deep one of Hartsink’s drops causing him to damage a finger on his bowling hand. Ruling him out of bowling for the rest of the match.

With 2 overs remaining and VCC requiring 25 to win. VCC reminded the umpires that 2 of our players did not bowl sufficient overs. Forcing us to bowl Sander Falize and Pranav. Falize bowling an amazing over conceding only 7 from it. VCC requiring 18 off the last over could not put Pranav away. With 2 balls remaining VCC needed 11 runs. A great yorker. Dot ball! VCC hit a 6 of the last ball. Not enough…..


Considering the fact that this is a combination team assembled from 3 Amsterdam teams. There was never a moment the entire season that would suggest that. They played as one unit, with and for each other. It is of vital importance that the clubs keep combining as without the continued collaboration not one of the clubs would be able to field a competitive team in this league.

Last but not least, thank you to our dedicated coaches Peter Boren and Taku Kusano (ACC). You guys are an inspiration to all the boys!!

We really look forward to the 2021 season!!!

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