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Indoor Underarm Cricket Experiment Sunday October 15th at Meerkamp

[by Haney Zaidi]

Dear Club mates,


I, Haney Zaidi am organising an Indoor Underarm Cricket Experiment.

You are all welcome and invited to come view and/or participate in this event. We are looking for players who want to take on the Indoor Underarm Cricket Experiment challenge. There is no gate charge. This event is only open to ACC members and their partners.


The goal in running this experiment is to generate a lot of competitive cricket during the winter season. The players and viewers on the day get treated to a contest of fast paced artful craft, entertaining, innovative, tactical, teamsmanship and other brilliant methodologies to approach the game in this format. The players get a good solid training workout to later apply that knowledge, during the summer Cricket season outdoors.


The event is scheduled for Sunday the 15th of October 2017 at the Meerkamp sporthal in Amstelveen (Van der Hooplaan 239, Amstelveen). We begin at 11:00 am and we have until 15:00 pm.


Besides participating, you have the opportunity to WIN one of the two 60 minute sports massage prizes up for grabs, by having collected the most number of points. I am the masseur.


The following two videos provide you with the glimpse of the art of Underarm bowling.


Please contact me for the rules and regulations.


Sportieve groet.