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It is time for the ACC 80's!

You have got Test matches, T20 games, fifty overs games, tip and run and The Hundred. But the best in the world is offcourse The ACC 80's! The warming-up Cricket Competition is allready starting coming Sunday April 9!

ACC 80’s

Teams participating:

ACC 2, 3, 4, 5, Zami & Zomi

What, if & how’s?

Each inning will have 80 correct bowls bowled by a team. 1 bowler is allowed to bowl a max of 15 deliveries with a spell of either min 5 or max 10 deliveries, so a bowler can either have 3 spells of 5 balls or 1 of 10 and 1 of 5 balls.



15+5 balls

The first 15 bowls bowled will be a powerplay were there are only 2 fielders out and the bowlers can only bowl a max of 5 balls in a spell.

5 balls of batting powerplay can be used at any time by the batsman by indicating it by signalling the X (wakanda) sign at anytime even in a middle of a spell and if bowler is changed the 5 balls powerplay will continue and only 3 fielders are aloud outside. If not used the last 5 balls of the innings will be a powerplay. A bowler can continue the spell if powerplay taken by for example ball 3 bowler can bowl the 10 ball spell.


175+ runs scored by team = 1BP

100+runs by a batsman = 1BP

5 wickets taken by a bowler = 1BP

3 catches taken by 1 fielder = 1BP

3 direct hit run outs by one fielder = 1BP

4 stumped out (no run out) by wicket keeper = 1BP

Winning team gets 5 points

A tied match is decided by a super five! 5 bowls bowled each and if tied again team with most boundaries wins if tied again ask the board :).


2 poules of 3 teams

Poule A: ACC2, ACC 4 & ZOMI

Poule B: ACC 3, ACC 5 & ZAMI

Start 9 April:

1st game Zomi vs ACC 4 11AM

2nd game Zami vs ACC 3 15PM

15 April:

1st game ACC 3 vs ACC 5 11AM

2nd game ACC 5 vs ZAMI 15PM

16 April:

1st game ACC 2 vs ZOMI 11AM

2nd game ACC 2 vs ACC 4 15PM

Finals day!

23 April

A3 vs B3 5th/6th place 1030AM

A2 vs B2 3rd/4th place 1330PM

A1 vs B1 Final! 16.30PM