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These are the stars who will play in the ACC 80’s 

Coming Sunday it is time for the ACC 80's. It will be a great day with lots of fun and very good cricket players. The line ups have been announced and you will find all the stars who will play below.

First match will start at 11am and the second game will start after the first one at around 15pm.

If any members who are not contacted or want to play, please do contact any captain of any team and we will make sure you can play as we have a lot of members playing 2 games. So if you were not up to date about the ACC 80’s you can still get in!

The sun will be there! Hope we have a lot of people coming to the club on Sunday!

Tot zondag!

Press on this link for the rules.

Line ups/teams

ACC 2 vs Zomi:

Zomi XI:

1. Ezzat ©

2. Jan

3. Roelof

4. Mike

5. Guy

6. Rehan

7. Abu

8. Dagan

9. Stephan




1. Gurlab ©

2. Baljot

3. Tahir

4. Naeem

5. Waqas

6. Sherry

7. Jovan

8. Mudi

9. Arsalan

10. Tamil

11. Umer

ACC 3 vs ZAMI:


1. Umer ©

2. Zuby

3. Abu

4. Rahul

5. Ezzat

6. Bobby

7. Nagesh

8. Stephan

9. Amitesh

10. Varun

11. Yosi


1. Mudi ©

2. Arsalan

3. Tamil

4. Manan

5. Lalit

6. Irfan

7. Ammar

8. Jovan

9. Gurlab

10. Tahir

11. Naeem