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June/July Youth Practice Schedule

[by Richard, Jim & Taku] Dag allemaal, Hi all,

After a great start in May and new protocol conditions for the time to come we have completed the puzzle for the youth team practice as of June 1st.

As the KNCB team competition is not taking place until further notice we have turned the teams into age groups to improve practice time slots and make communication easier for internal matches. This change may be a bit confusing to start off with but will also be carried on into the winter training groups to make providing cricket all year round easier.

The new schedule takes into account:

  • More opportunities to play and as such combine with other activities
  • Different mix of age groups on different days for social bonding and development

The new schedule can ONLY work successfully if:

  • Parents/players use Teamstuff to confirm availability
  • Players show up in time for practice and games

The age group coordinators (ahhh we also know them as team leaders ;) will publish the schedule on Teamstuff. They will also be in charge of setting up the practice games in the weekends.

Age groups

U8 - Led by Willemijn

U10 - Led by Viral

U12 - Led by Francis

U14 - Led by Jan

U16 - Led by Giles and Mrunal (combination team)

U18 - Led by Ankur and Wilfred (combination team)

More info on the scheduling plan can be found below. Any questions feel free to contact us.

Cheers, Richard, Jim & Taku