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ACC-youths/parents: switch to Teamstuff for games, practice communication

En het leven van een skipper of teamleider

[Door Richard W] Dag allemaal, hi all,

You show up at your game, 11 were suppose to show up. 9 Did. You already spent three days texting the team who was available and now you spend the first half hour trying to arrange extra players rather than preparing the field.

On field two three kids rock up late for their game. The dad apologizes for not being able to find the club and blames not getting a response on whatsapp that it had to take more than 20 minutes.

Both games are lost.

To make the lives of skippers and teamleaders more "manageable" and to make sure we can all enjoy better games and smoother scheduling we use a system called Teamstuff at ACC to plan all our practice sessions and games.

As a player or parent that really helps you, you always know when you have to be where and even sync the schedule to your own calendar.

And it comes with one responsibility... and that is setting your availability for games (and practice as well if the coaches require that). So STOP what you are doing right now, get yourself a free account (or go PRO for USD 6 per year to help the developers out), install the app on your phone and start letting your skipper or teamleader know if you/your child is going to be available for the next session.

This ONE MINUTE task makes the cricket experience of everyone better and the helps the volunteers get their job done and focus on winning the game 😎

To help you out a bit we have created a video for players with a quick manual and a video for team leaders. If you have any question on Teamstuff check our their website or contact me.

Cheers, Richard Wolfe