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Last info for The Very Odd Tournament

[by the organisation] It's almost time! Saturday is the very first edition of the Very Odd Tournament. Hereby we are sending you the final necessary information. Below you can find the VOT Playing Schedule.

As you can see in the schedule all teams have been given a color. Please have a good look at the times you need to play or when you have Umpire and Score duty.

We expect all teams to be on time. We have a busy schedule, so we need to start the first game at 9:30h. So please be at ACC at 9:00h even if your game starts later. We'll do a quick briefing for the skippers at 9:15h.

We expect to have a day with weather conditions that will allow us to play most of the hours. With two pitches available we will make sure that we can play all of our matches within a reasonable time frame. The ACC clubhouse will provide for cover in the case of some unfortunate rain. So no excuses! 

If you have questions about the rules or schedule, please let us know.

We are very excited and we will see you guys Saturday!

Kind regards,

The VOT Organisation

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