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Mancunian Cup '20 op zaterdag 5 september - de Slag om 't Loopveld

[door Rick Thorburn] (English translation & backgrounder follows) Zaterdag 5 september is het zover en wordt bij ACC het “Zeven-a-side End of Season” toernooi om de Mancunian Cup gehouden. De 1e editie in 2016 was een groot succes en werd gewonnen door het team van Michael Dukker. De 2e editie in 2017 werd gewonnen door het team van Stephan Hannema en de derde editie in 2018 werd gewonnen door het team van Richard Wolfe. De vierde editie in 2019 werd wederom gewonnen door het team van de roemruchte Michael Dukker Cricket Academy (MDCA). Welk team neemt in 2020 de beker mee naar huis?

Kosten: €15,- pp inclusief koffie, lunch, borrelhapje en drankje.

Spelers worden door de aanvoerders benaderd of als je mee wil spelen zelf contact opnemen met een van de gekozen aanvoerders. Elke team bestaat uit zeven spelers.

De geheel op democratische wijze gekozen aanvoerders van 2020 zijn:

  1. Michael Dukker
  2. Ummer Mohammed
  3. Richard Wolfe
  4. Jim Dukker

English translation

Mancunian Cup '20 on Saturday September 5th - the Battle of 't Loopveld

[by Rick Thorburn] Saturday, September 5, the time has come and the “Seven-a-side End of Season” tournament for the Mancunian Cup will be held at ACC. The 1st edition in 2016 was a great success and was won by Michael Dukker's team. The 2nd edition in 2017 was won by Stephan Hannema's team and the third edition in 2018 was won by Richard Wolfe's team. The fourth edition in 2019 was again won by the team of the illustrious Michael Dukker Cricket Academy (MDCA). Which team will take home the Cup in 2020?


Costs: € 15 per person including coffee, lunch, snacks and a drink.

Players are approached by the captains or if you want to play, contact one of the chosen captains yourself. Each team consists of seven players.

The completely democratically elected leaders of 2020 are:
  1. Michael Dukker
  2. Ummer Mohammed
  3. Richard Wolfe
  4. Jim Dukker

English backgrounder

What is the Mancunian Cup?

This was a trophy presented to ACC in the 1970’s by the two Mancunians Rick Thorburn and former ACC coach/ACC1-player Stan Fletcher RIP.


Two great friends, Rick was born in Sale a town in South Manchester and Stan close to Oldham a town in North Manchester. Both supported different football teams; Rick a United supporter through and through and Stan a Manchester City fan although Wolves was also a favourite club of his.


Stan was one of the first non-playing cricket coaches of ACC and in later years played many brilliant innings for our club. A small man scared of nobody with an enormous heart and a wonderful sense of humour. Many of our senior members were coached by him. Guido Dukker, Michael Dukker, Max de Bruin Jr, Jan Balk, Wim Pielage, Benno Honsdrecht just to name a few.


Of course, Stan, also known as Tommy, was a cricketing legend within ACC but unfortunately, he contracted cancer and passed away at a much too young age. The first Mancunian trophy was lost during the fire on the night of 4/5 May 1997.


Hopefully the Mancunian Trophy will become an annual Six-a-Side event whereby players and old friends can once again reminisce over old friends and the wonderful times which the club enjoyed in “Het Amsterdamsche Bos” and nowadays at “Het Loopveld”.​