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Excelsior-ACC1: TKcricket-writers De Jong & Lyall divided over Sunday's result

[by the editor] ‘’With a decisive win over their last rivals, Punjab Rotterdam, HCC secured an unassailable place at the top of the 2020 Topklasse table. They will have to do without any actual silverware, but do have a shot at going through the season undefeated’’ (at home vs VOC).'' TKcricket-writers Bertus de Jonge and Rod Lyall say in their Preview Round 9. About ACC’s last Topklasse match, in Schiedam against Excelsior on Sunday, the two are divided in their match forecast (read all match Previews here), with Bertus expecting a win for ACC, yesss, and Rod a defeat.

Bertus de Jong: ''Into the mid-table, the unfancied ACC may have gone down to an understrength HBS last weekend, but they’re still in the running for a top-five finish. With last year’s champions Excelsior ‘20 seemingly treating the season as an extended training session, the fact that the Schiedammers are probably the stronger side on paper may tell less than ACC’s apparent will to win.

Excelsior’s young side have done themselves some credit this season in terms of individual performances, but in contrast to previous seasons they have looked rather less than the sum of their parts.''

Rod Lyall: ''Two young sides which point firmly towards the future, Excelsior and ACC may provide another hard-fought contest. On the side of experience, the home side have skipper Tom Heggelman and the redoubtable Lorenzo Ingram, while Joost Kroesen, Rens van Troost and Roel Verhagen have all played more than a hundred Topklasse games. No-one in the ACC line-up has played more than Anis Raza’s 73, though Chris Knoll and Charles McInerney do bring experience from elsewhere.

But, as my learned colleague notes, ACC have tended to punch above their collective weight, while Excelsior have perhaps performed a tad below it. There’s enough talent there, though, to persuade me to opt for Excelsior this time.''