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Mancunian Cup 2023

24 September 2023

The Mancunian Cup is an intra‐ACC tournament played by six teams made up from players of the various ACC teams and has as objective to foster cross‐linking ties between them. The tournament will be held on Sunday September 24, contains a group phase, semi‐finals and a grand finale. We encourage participation by all ACC members, in particular those that have not had a chance to participate at the Very Odd tournament (although we explicitly also invite those that did!) to join in the Mancunian Cup. Players can signal their interest to their (regular) team captain, who will pass this info to the Mancunian team captains, who will contact the players.

Tournament format & schedule

The Mancunian Cup is a six‐a‐side tournament played by six teams. Teams will be distributed over two groups, in which each team plays the other teams once. After the group phase there will be semi‐finals and a grand finale. In case of severe delays, semifinals will be scrapped and only a final between the group winners will be played.

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Team composition

Each team will consist of a minimum of six and a maximum of eight players. Teams can only field one player from each of the following teams:

- ACC1
- ACC2
- ACC3
- ACC 4
- ACC5
- ACC Zami
- ACC Zomi
- ACC Youth

Budget / Match fees: We intend to keep the fee as low as possible, to keep the tournament as accessible as possible, but it will include a lunch.

History of the Mancunian Cup?

This was a trophy presented to ACC in the 1970s by the two Mancunians Rick Thorburn and former ACC coach/ACC1‐player Stan Fletcher RIP.

Two great friends, Rick was born in Sale a town in South Manchester and Stan close to Oldham a town in North Manchester. Both supported different football teams; Rick a United supporter through and through and Stan a Manchester City fan.

Stan, also known as Tommy, was one of the first non‐playing cricket coaches of ACC and in later years played many brilliant innings for our club. A small man scared of nobody with an enormous heart and a wonderful sense of humour. Many of our senior members were coached by him, such as Guido and Michael Dukker, Max de Bruin Jr, Jan Balk, Wim Pielage, Benno Honsdrecht. Sadly, Stan contracted cancer and passed away at a much too young age.

The first Mancunian trophy was lost during the fire on the night of 4/5 May 1997. In 20xx, a new Mancunian Cup was presented as a trophy awarded to the winner of in an intra‐ACC tournament. With some hiatus, the Mancunian Trophy has been an annual Six‐a‐Side event where players challenge each other in a competitive spirit and old friends reminisce over old friends and the wonderful times which the club enjoyed in “Het Amsterdamsche Bos” and nowadays at “Het Loopveld”.


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