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Mancunian Cup will be played September 24

On Sunday September 24, the Mancunian Cup will be played again! The Mancunian Cup is an intra-ACC six-a-side tournament played by six teams made up from players of the various ACC teams and has as objective to foster cross-linking ties between them. The tournament contains a group phase, semi-finals and a grand finale. We encourage participation by all ACC members to join in the Mancunian Cup. Players can signal their interest either directly to the Mancunian team captains, or to their (regular) team captain, who will mediate in Mancunian team formation.
Tournament start: 10 AM
Semi-finals: 3:30 PM
Grand finale: 5:20 PM
Organization: Mudi Rakha & Joost Bakker
Tournament conception: Rick Thorburn.