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Saturday September 16th:

Very Odd Tournament 2023

The oddest cricket tournament is back

Saturday September 16th: Very Odd Tournament 2023

After two years the VOT will return to 't Loopveld. Eight teams will battle for very odd prices and of course the trophy tree! Will the BatsWoMen defend the title (again) or will a new team be crowned as the oddest champion of 2023?

As tradition stands, which is a bit odd for a tournament without traditions, the VOT will be held on the 3rd Saturday of September in an off year. Meaning upcoming Saturday 16th of September!

Two poules of 4 teams will compete for first place with a final between the winners of every poule.

First game will kick-off at 9h30 sharp, with the final played at 18h30.

There will be music and of course live commentary, with a special guest appearance by one of our very own proffesional commentators.

Steve will prepare a bbq which everyone can join for €15 (you can buy a bbq token at the bar during the day).

Will we see you this Saturday for the oddest event of the year? We hope so!

Match schedule and standings can be found here.

We have one last minute team spot. Want to enter a team?
Contact Lotte Heerkens (06-46077060)

Oddest greetings the VOT team

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