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Ned XI – Engeland - Barmy Army

[door Rick Thorburn] Which is the biggest cricket club in Amsterdam? ACC, VRA, Dosti-United, VVV? Well which club organizes the most International friendly games against touring opposition?

Before Covid-19 I believe that ACC/Bloemendaal and VRA generally were able to organize at least eight games a year against touring teams. Yes we work together to help each other generate much needed income for our clubs.

Well with my UK contacts I have been able to organize the very first game that the Barmy Army Cricket Club will play in The Netherlands. Yes put it into your diary we will play a T20 game against them on Tuesday 21st June 2022.

Who is the Barmy Army?

They are a very large group of English supporters who travel over the whole world supporting their country. They expect at least 5000 supporters to attend the games between Netherlands vs England. I have been told that the maximum number at VRA is 7000. I wonder how many of this group will come and watch our game and our wonderful hospitality. We want to make this a fantastic day and I hope that I can rely on all of our members to really put ACC on the map for all touring teams who plan to come to the Netherlands.

The following friendlies have also been arranged; more details to follow at a later date:

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