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Picture impression of KNCB's Cricket4kids-event in Reade-Amsterdam

[by Uja] KNCB's Cricket4kids event was held on 1 March 2020 in Reade-Amsterdam. It was organized together with ACC. KNCB regularly organizes such events to promote and introduce cricket to youngsters all over The Netherlands. Their Sean Trouw was present and active; he is the Orange Women's National Coach.

It was a great pleasure for ACC to help with the event. Those youths present had a good time, learning a fair bit about playing cricket or improving skills. But, unfortunately, they were limited in number. However, we, sharing a common goal, have learned a lesson: next time all clubs in and around Amsterdam should co-operate to help this event become grander by organising more kids to attend. And let them bring their friends, as ACC has suggested in its communication on this site ahead of the Cricket4kids Amsterdam-event. Hopefully, international schools in the area too will try it out next time as an introduction for interested youths to our great game.

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