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Second blood for Mudi ‘ 11 and Absolutely right conditions

[Door Mudi Rakha] Just like people have different moods, the weather has it's mood too. Cricket is a very special and delicate's only for those who like the great and finest things in life. For example, take the weather....there is only one good weather type to play cricket in and enjoy it to the fullest's neither raining nor too damn hot, like it was on last Sunday. 
After the huge total of 270 runs last week.....the moral was sky high and we had sharpened our knives for Almere Alligators. For that, being on time and having ALL 11 players available is of course useful. 

After winning the toss, we decided to have a bat first, considering it was too hot to field anyway. It proved to be an interesting toss to win.... 
We had a flying start, sixes, boundaries and before no time, our very own Rupinder Singh reached his maiden half century with a whopping strike rate of 108 (yes, we do count balls)! 
But wait....there's more.....1st match centurion Arsalan walked towards the crease and looked solid from the beginning. The runs kept flowing and the ball kept disappearing in the bushes. 
13 boundaries, 5 sixes and some singles....and another century from Arsalan! This time with a strike rate of a 170! 
With a few wickets falling in between and some solid hitting by Param (32) we posted a mammoth total of 370 runs! 
For the math enthusiasts.....we increased our performance with 37% within one week time! 
Still "enjoying" the weather, as a team, we decided to do a bit of a warming up. 
We started the attack with Abdul Manan and Abid Malik with clear instructions form the captain to finish the game quickly. 
Their openers started of attacking and hitting plenty of boundaries until one of them tried to hit one six too many and saw his middle stump uprooted by Abid Malik. 
With Manan still bowling tight lines it resulted in pressure on which Abid could capitalize and got their opener out, caught by Arsalan. 
Captain Mudi changed the attack from one end and was lucky straight away. Irfan Alim took 2 wickets in his very first over. 
From the other end, Manan kept bowling his tight line and deservingly got his first wicket. 
By now, within 13 overs, they were 6 wickets down with 98 on the board. 
A few more wickets fell and Manan had a hat-rick chance they were now 114/8 in 16. 
Their 9th batsman had enough of it and kept the innings going. 
He lifted the score from 114 to 191 before getting caught and run out to end it all in the 25th over. 
A massive win for the team and good all-round performances with the bat and bowl. 
Defending such a massive total makes it easy when the batters post good totals. 
Especially the 2nd time centurion, Arsalan ensured his seniority once again with the bat. 
Good job team and let's maintain the increase in performance!