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The first friendly fixture of 2018

ACC U9 vs Rood & Wit U9: 84-94

[By Uja] Rood en Wit visited us this lovely Sunday afternoon. The impeccably dressed gentlemen proudly donned their red caps for the indoor friendly. ACC didn't disappoint as hosts and keeping up with the true spirit of the game lend their two players Rohan Poell and Aryan Poell to balance out the number of players in both teams, and to ensure that each and every member of both teams get to participate in the friendly.

This indoor match saw 24 kids do their best in a 90-minute smash cricket friendly!!!!!!

It was a special match for ACC as it was the debut of quite a few of our players.

Matthew-Crichtley Cowan from our U 9 squad of last year allowed just one run while his twin Sebastian-Crichtley Cowan was the top scorer with 10 runs for ACC.

Simion with his solid knock of 9 runs, was the top scorer for Rood & Wit.

Maxell and Timo of Rood en Wit allowed only 2 runs and both took a wicket as well.

ACC's debutante Varnika Saravanan started with 5 dots in her first over! While Ruthwik Savla showed he was ready to rumble by taking a wicket in his very first ball!

It was a very close match and the victory only became clear after counting the scores.
Congratulations, Rood & Wit!
Hope to see you a lot this summer.
This friendly has proved that ACC's talent pool is growing and the future of cricket at ACC looks bright!!!!

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