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Save the Date: ACC Youth Tour

[By Giles Francis] 
To all parents of ACC Jeugd (U11 & U13):
We are putting together a fantastic cricket tour of the Cotswolds, in the west of England, in the first week of the Dutch summer vacation, from 24th t/m 28th July.
There is a probability of four matches, against Cirencester,Lechlade,Fairford and Poulton- all clubs with thriving youth teams and beautiful cricket grounds with good grass wickets; and all of them in close proximity to our wonderful accommodation at Macaroni Woods, in Eastleach.
In addition, there is some coaching proposed with Graham van Buuren (former professional of ACC and now under contract with Gloucestershire County Cricket Club) which is not yet confirmed but work in progress. We plan also to attend the T20 game between Gloucesterhire and Glamorgan on July 27th, at the Cheltenham Festival - the longest running cricket festival in the world!

The Cotswolds is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,and is historically equally rich(Cirencester was as important as London during the Roman occupation).There are dozens of kids' activities besides cricket,with or without the unpredictable English weather!

The tour is virtually in place, but we are missing one vital element - YOU!
We aim to keep costs as low as possible,so the sooner we can book our travel the better. Parents are also welcome to join their children on tour - though with Richard, Rehan, Jan and myself present, we should manage.
Do let us know if you have an interest in going. When the new teams are set we will add the tour to Teamstuff.
Regards, Giles