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The Mancunian Cup 2021

[by Rick Thorburn]

This year's Mancunian Cup tournament will be played on Saturday 11th September 2021. We aim to start at 09:00/09:30 am, more details later.

The following members have been requested to form a squad of players to participate in this year’s tournament. Members who would like to participate can contact one of the team captains here below. Or send Rick an email with your availability and we will find a team for you! Rick’s email is:


Michael Dukker

Stephan Hannema

Umer Muhammad

Taku Kusano

Girish Ghauhan

Mudi Allah Rakha


We have produced a list to differentiate the various team members within our club. Each team will consist of a minimum of eight players. It is the intention that for every game each team will consist of one player from the following list:




ACC 3 


ACC Zami

ACC Zomi

ACC Youth/Ladies


It is also permitted to invite a lady to join this tournament from another club for example VRA or Excelsior or any other club in Holland.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me: