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Using the new ACC Club Calendar

[by Richard]


As our dear friends at Teamstuff have sadly had to stop their operations we have replaced the team management functions with the group calendar tool Teamup. It will make certain things easier for the club and other tasks might be a bit clumsy, so let us give you a quick introduction.

Basic User - the visiting grandparent or casual player

For anyone who just wants to know what is on this weekend simply go to our website and check out the overview on the ACC homepage or go to the Agenda page for more options to view or search events.

On the Agenda page you can also change the view of the calendar to multiple days, multiple weeks or a full year. The default view is a list of events.

Advanced User - the keen player or frequently driving parent

If you have to use the schedule frequently and/or for multiple teams may we suggest you either install the Teamup app on your phone to browse all events quickly or add the team calendars to your own calendar app by using the iCalendar feeds.

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You can easily hide teams that you do not wish to follow and only show the calendars you are interested in.

To view the calendar on Teamup go to

Team leaders and skippers - modifying schedules and tracking attendees

For now the editing of schedules will be done by Rick Thorburn for the senior teams and Richard Wolfe for the youth teams. Before the competition starts we will help the team leaders with understanding how to edit the schedules and track availability.