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3-day Cricket Summer Camp mid July

Amsterdam Cricket School 15-17 July at ACC

[Door Ryan Lavelle en Richard Wolfe] Dag Allemaal, Hello everyone and welcome to the Amsterdam Cricket School Summer Camp!

This is your chance to participate in a new initiative of the Amsterdam Cricket School, a 3 day intensive training clinic, with fully supervised professional coaching.

The idea came about in discussions with the parents of some of our U11 SB players, who wanted to give the team a boost and opportunity to up their skills for future games given their current level of experience. Then we thought, why not make an event of it and invite the other clubs in the area to join in, the more the merrier…

The program will consist of 3 full days of cricket

  • Monday all day: Mixed skills training (on pitch)
  • Tuesday am: Fitness work + throwing (on pitch)
  • Tuesday pm: Batting/Bowling practice (nets)
  • Wednesday am: Batting/Bowling practice (nets)
  • Wednesday pm: Competition match (pitch)

We mean to offer your budding youth cricketers, of whatever skill level, a fun packed few days of focused training, new challenges and making new friends. Your most precious will be well looked after, fed, watered and lost in their activities leaving you free to go about your business for 3 blissful days of summer.

It’s all down to us to make a new generation of cricketers here in our beloved Amsterdam. So don’t delay, get cracking and sign up ASAP.

See the Amsterdam Cricket School for more info.