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Amsterdam Cricket Tour

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Creating memories!

A tour to England is magical, you will still be talking about it next year, and the year thereafter! That typical English cricket atmosphere with its idyllic clubhouses and beautiful countryside, playing on real grass wickets against enthusiastic English teams. And that combined with the fun of a camp with your peers.

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On Monday, July 24, everyone will travel to the Bridge Villa Camping and Caravan Park in Oxfordshire where tents will be set up. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will play matches against various English clubs. But besides the matches there will be other activities such as swimming, a visit to a real bat factory, fun training exercises and games. In addition, there is plenty of time to hang out. Saturday, July 29, we travel back home with our heads full of wonderful memories.

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Youth players from the cricket clubs ACC, Rood en Wit, VRA, Bloemendaal, Qui Vive, Gelre, Salland and Hilversum may join us on this great tour. The players will be divided over three teams: the U12, the U14 and the U18. Experience shows that the kids from the different clubs all have great fun together almost immediately. Well immediately, it takes about five minutes.

Please note that the youngest players for the U12 must of course be used to playing with a hard ball. Also note that the players should be accompanied by at least 1 supervisor from each club.

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The Amsterdam Cricket Tour is a private initiative in which volunteers have arranged a nice beautiful accommodation and fun matches and take care of the rest of the organization.

To participate, the contribution of your own club is essential. From each club at least 1 supervisor will go along. The supervisor also takes care of the transportation to England and over there. They are responsible for the children of the club. In addition, some small tasks are distributed. Because everyone helps, the tasks are not very big.

If other parents also want to come, they can book a place at the campsite or a room in a bed and breakfast nearby.

In addition to the supervisors, coaches will go along to help with the games and training.

Passport, visa, insurance and transportation

To enter England you need a valid passport. So an identity card will not suffice! Some will additionally need a visa. Arrange this in good time to avoid disappointment.

Parents must ensure that children are adequately insured. Consider public liability, health and travel insurance.

Travel to Oxfordshire can be by Eurotunnel, boat or plane. Parents from their own club can coordinate among themselves what they find most convenient. Should the cricket bags, sleeping bags and mats not all fit in your car they can be taken by the Tour van.

Cost and sponsorship

The cost of the Tour will be about 275.00 euros. That is for accommodation, coaches, food and other activities there on site. Not included are travel expenses. Due to major price fluctuations over the past year, the amount may be slightly higher or lower.

Tip: Older members often have great memories of the Tours to England themselves and are therefore often willing to sponsor. If you want to reduce tour costs for the children in your own club, look for sponsors within your club or with grandparents, etc. They can sponsor for example a breakfast, a match ball or even the official Amsterdam Cricket Tour shirt. Your youth coordinator has received a handy form for this purpose.

Sign up, extra info and questions

You can sign up before May 1, 2023 through your club's youth coordinator. More information about the tour can be found at Here you will also find contact information if you have any questions.

The fun can begin!