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Know your team - ACC 4


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Name- Sushant Tiwari

Nickname- Sushy

When were you born and where- 27th June 1991 in Wardha, India

Shirt Number- 27

How did you start playing cricket- Growing up, every kid naturally gets introduced to cricket in India. I was no exception. I started as a batsmen for our 4-boys tennis ball gully team, but as I gained pace in my bowling I realised wanted to bowl more than I wanted to bat

Cricket Ambition-To enjoy playing the game as long as I have the potential and as long as my body allows. And learn from experts and seniors to constantly grow my skills 

Why do you play for ACC- Simply because in June 2021 when I moved to Amsterdam, I emailed my application to ACC and VRA, and ACC responded first! However, I would like to stay at ACC because I like the culture of growth and togetherness, and people supporting each other whenever required. Instead of playing as individuals, we play as a team.

Best Cricket Performance EVER- 3 overs, 2 maidens, 4 runs, 3 wickets. This was a final match of a local tournament in Itarsi, where we set the target of 98 runs in 12 overs, and got the opposition out for 23 runs. I was the MOTM.

PS- The four runs that I conceded came from an edge down the leg-side. Remaining 17 balls were pure gems.


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Name : Shankar V Iyer 

Nickname- Shanky

When were you born and where : 24-06-1985

Shirt Number - 5

What do I do :Besides working for a living, I am  happily married to my beautiful wife (8 yrs and counting), living in Amsterdam from the past 5 yrs.

My idea of quality time/relaxing  : Sport (cricket,football,squash), hiking, beers nd good conversation.

How did I start playing : My father being a great enthuisiast of the sport, it was the 1st sport I picked up like many other kids coming from the subcontinent. In my growing years I was rather active/sporty and was was inclined towards athletics and football. I still used to play cricket with friends and once in a while for my school (was predominantly a bowler and someone who could hit the ball).I took a major sabbatical from the game (18 yrs)

until I started playing for ACC last year.

Ambition/Intent : to continue enjoying my love for the sport,having fun with my team (on & off the field), keeping the competitive nature alive and kicking.I will be playing as a

batting all-rounder for Team 4 with an objective of putting maximum runs on the board and be effective with the ball in my hand.

How did ACC happen : A friend of mine pulled me in to ACC, had no idea of other clubs :P. However, Absolutely in love with the culture, people and the cricketing talent at ACC.

I find it to be one of the better clubs in all my sporting years. 

Best Performance: In this short span of playing for ACC, I would rate my performance against VRA (27 odd runs) last season as a

memorable one since we were palying a very important game against a quality side and was glad to contribute at a crucial juncture. Hope to have great season this year.


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Name- Rohit Sharma

Nickname- Rohit

When were you born and where- 4th October 1981, Delhi India

Shirt Number- 96

How did you start playing cricket- Fantasy for cricket happened naturally; however, mostly inherited from my family. I was always told, if you have time to watch cricket then you must have time to play cricket. 

Cricket Ambition- Give 100%, come and burn calories and play with a team that believes in winning as a habit.

Why do you play for ACC- ACC brings in the right culture and human value which is not just about playing cricket but also about team’s camaraderie, unity and cohesiveness.

Best Cricket Performance EVER- Will happen someday!! :)


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Name- Ankush Trikha. 

When were you born and where- I was born in Pathankot(Punjab) on 27th Aug 1987 and moved to Chandigarh when I was 2.

Shirt number- 9

How did you start playing cricket- I started playing cricket when I was 9 years old as a middle order batsman and an off spinner. After couple of years I got selected for nationals and played U-14/16/18. Like every other kid in India my aim at that point was to become a famous cricketer and win matches for my team. My parents also supported me a lot to achieve that goal which I had at that point.

Cricket Ambition- I want to play cricket as long as I have the required potential and of course if my body allows..

Why do you play for ACC- It will be my first season playing for ACC and I am really looking forward to enjoy this beautiful game of cricket with some of the great players.


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Name - Vijay Gomatam, 

When were you born and where- Born in 1979 in Hyderabad India

Shirt Number - 12

What do I do: My day job is within the marketing department of a premium spirits company.

How did you start playing cricket- While I have always played cricket ever since I remember I started playing competitive cricket when I was 16. I used to bat in the middle order and bowl medium pace within grade 1 cricket in my city - my ambition then and even now is to Play a beautiful game, to really enjoy every moment and create fun memories. When I was very young and naive I sometimes even dreamt of playing for India - just like every other kid I knew…

Cricket Ambition- Now my ambition is to keep pushing my body to do more and play as much as possible the brand of cricket I love - beautiful, elegant and positive. 

Why ACC - I just love the facilities and I like the team I play with

Best cricket performance EVER - when I was 20 in a league 1 match I scored 139 runs and took 6 wickets for 36 runs - even single thing I tried that day went exactly as per plan- even the ball I got out on! :D. For ACC I hit 69 runs last year against royal Punjab in 46 balls - this year, I want to keep working on my fitness, batting temperament and fielding so that I enjoy my cricket even more.

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Nickname- Kool

When were you born and where- 6th February in Indore, India

Shirt Number- 08

How did you start playing cricket- I vividly remember watching 1992 World Cup on TV as a kid and was fascinated by this game. All my neighbours were cricket crazy and that got me into playing cricket at a very early age.

Cricket Ambition-To play at my best ability. Contribute in team’s success however I can without worrying about personal records.

Why do you play for ACC- I am new in the Netherlands and have heard some nice review comments about ACC. I am glad I joined ACC and looking forward to play lot of cricket with this team.

Best Cricket Performance EVER- Many years back in University cricket, we had two matches of 40 overs each on consecutive days. It was 38 degree Celsius on both days and I was able to score 50+ in both those games played on ground with 75 meters boundary. I cherish that consistent performance a lot.

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Name- Axaya Kansal, 

Nickname- Ax. 

When were you born and where- I was born in India on 27th March 1982.

Shirt Number - 11

How did you start playing cricket- I started playing cricket when I was 6 years old as a bowler. By the time I was 10, I was excluded during local games and only allowed to play matches with external teams because I broke several legs and toes. My school sports teacher was a Ranji player of his time and he pushed me for under 14 trials when I was 12. I played nationals under 14 & 16 and continued playing at university level during my college.

I almost gave up the sport for 15 years until 2018, when I smelled the pitch again and decided to refuel my passion for Cricket. It took me over a year and a sacrifice of 35 kgs from my body to be able to feel comfortable before I returned to my run-up mark.

Cricket Ambition- Now I want to play cricket for fun and share my experience with younger players and bond with people with similar passion. I want to see myself enjoying this gentleman’s game for at-least next 20 years.

Why ACC- ACC is like home for me. Meeting other members here during one of the Zomi matches was my introduction and connection at the same time. I joined the club in the October of 2020.

Best Cricket Performance EVER- I have enjoyed various performances on the field and my best was in my college 2nd year (6-2-11-8). My best performance in KNCB tournaments in NL came against Hermes in 2020 (7-2-12-5).


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Name - Mahak Rathore

Nickname- Mac

When were you born and where- 26th February 1992 in Ujjain but raised in Indore, India

Shirt Number- 36 

How did you start playing cricket- Good question! When everyone wanted to be the next Sachin in the 90s, I wanted to be the new Yuvraj or Kaif or Sir Jonty. I remember getting an award for best fielder which shocks everyone that day It was unique in my under 16 matches and it all started at Devi Ahiliyabai Holkar Stadium Indore. All my neighbors were cricket fanatics and we have our Team "SCG". In the Mid 20s, it became box cricket but College friends and in between played Volleyball at the State level and represented Indore.

Cricket Ambition- Win or Lose does not matter. Win the hearts and contribute to the team's success that's all I am trying to do. Be Active, keeping the spirit, cheering up, and sometimes bringing a smile to the field are some of my other qualities.

Why do you play for ACC- 

Daily Stories started with my Roommate Girish who influenced me to join ACC. Followed by the level of enthusiasm, fun, love, dedication, and energy of the team. ACC is where they all choose to play so, did I

Best Cricket Performance EVER- 

Many good performances but with Tennis ball and in Box cricket back in India.

Starting fresh after a long break in the Netherlands with our team, trying to add value to the team as Leg Spinner. For best its yet to come - Wait for this season



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 Name – Vinodh Madras Prabhu

Nickname- Madras

Jersey Number- 7

DOB - 24/Aug/1986, Madurai (Tamil Nadu) 

How did you start playing cricket - My cricket journey started with the 1996 World Cup. Then I immediately joined cricket coaching for 3 years. I’m a stats worm and as much as I enjoy playing the game, I also equally enjoy planning and strategising for a game and doing post match performance analysis of myself and my team members. I am also usually good at reading match situations and an opponent player’s intent, strength and scoring preferences/areas 

Cricket Ambition - To stay as close to the game and play as long as possible  

Why do you play for ACC - As soon as I arrived in NL, I tried to join ACC in 2019. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the registration formalities done in time and ended up joining another club. Later when my friends moved to ACC , I got to know more about the club and decided to join the club this year. 

Best Cricket Performance EVER - In a high scoring game, I managed to bowl 8 overs, 1 maiden, 32 runs and 4 wickets against one of the best teams in 3e klasse at that time HTCECA in an away game. HTCECA went to get to promoted to 2e klasse that year


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Name – Raviraj Gundety

Nickname- RR

Jersey Number- 11 

How did you start playing cricket - In my childhood days, I wasn’t very fond of cricket although my dad was a huge fan. Due to family responsibilities, he never got a chance to pursuit his interest in this field. He used to watch every cricket match of India and make us watch too. Knowing all the cricket rules from Dad and watching matches with him started my interest for this sport. When I was in 4th class, I had played a local tournament and was named man of the tournament. I received 3 trophies and 2 medals, from there my craze for cricket commenced. 

Cricket Ambition- To stay close to cricket (Playing or Coaching) because after all its my first love! 

Why do you play for ACC- I got to know about ACC from Girish Chauhan, my buddy and work counsellor. He spoke many good things about this club and it's diversified culture. I couldn't resist myself from joining this club as soon as I moved to NL.  

Best Cricket Performance EVER- There were many good performances in Tennis ball cricket, but I would like to rate a performance here in NL considering that I was playing a leather ball game after quite a long time. I scored 47 in 33 balls in quarter finals of BPL tournament. Have faith that my best is yet to come!!


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Name - Mayank Sharma 

Nickname- ''MONK''- This name was given by my team mates last season. Happy to be called with this name. 

DOB - 24 January 1993, Rajasthan- India

Work situation- Full time Finance employee in Mattel Inc. Amstelveen

Living/family situation- Married, Living with better half in Amstelveen

Shirtnumber- 31

How did you start playing cricket?- My street cricket skills landed me to cricket field. It was in in blood since whole family loves watching and playing cricket.

Cricket ambition- Want to play competitive cricket in coming years and play as an allrounder. 

Why do you play for ACC?-   Friendly environment, Supportive and experienced coaches, staff and member. Passion for cricket in members. 

Best cricket performance ever- In Last season against VRA,  grab 1 wicket and played a crucial knock of 47 runs/31 balls.  My best comes out in difficult situations.


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Name – Sidharth Venugopalan 

Nickname- Sid

Jersey Number- 31 

How did you start playing cricket - Hard to find anyone who’s from India that didn’t start playing cricket in their childhood. Doesn’t matter the size of the ground or where we play, we create our own rules and enjoy ourselves.  

Cricket Ambition- Just enjoy the game and the competition.  

Why do you play for ACC- I got to know the folks from ACC4 and thought they’re a good bunch of people to play with. Having not played cricket for 10 years I thought now would be a good time to get back into it, helps when you know that you’ve got a good bunch of people to play the game with. It’ll be my first season and I’m looking forward to it!  

Best Cricket Performance EVER- I enjoy fielding, I had the highest catches in a season as a wicket keeper in the league that I played last. Hoping for even better performances this year as a fast bowler!

Vivek (VC)

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Name- Vivek Tiwari, 

When were you born and where- Born in Kanpur India on 27 September 1987.

Shirt Number - 22

How did you start playing cricket: To be frank, I never played competitive cricket as such but as you all know that you can never escape it being born in India. I have being quite passionate about sports and has been an active participant of various forms like football, basketball, volleyball among many others and of course Cricket. I had been an active sportsman till my 10th standard and since then has always been a ‘get opportunity’ type of situation in my life as far as sports is concerned. I always has been looking and grabbing any nickel of opportunity while in my profession. My passion reignited while I was in Johannesburg, South Africa where I played and won 3 seasons of Indoor cricket. 

After moving to Netherlands, it was only when I moved to Hoofddorp that I accidentally stumbled upon the opportunity to play for ACC4 last season. Since then I quickly moved in the role of Vice Captain of ACC4 and had been part of this wonderful club since then. I made some great friends here and had decent last season. 

Why ACC - I got to know about ACC from one of my friends and has been part of the club since then. ACC has great culture and wonderful people to play and chill out with. This club has wonderful history as I came to know. I play for ACC 4 as bowling all rounder. I am right arm medium pace bowler and lower middle order batsman. I love to play for the club and would continue to do so until life unfolds in some different pattern than I am expecting.

Girish (C)

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Name- Girish Chauhan

Nicknames - Rishi and Giri

Shirt Number- 10

What do you do- I have studied Computer engineering and I work for Ernst & Young. 

How did you start playing cricket- As far as I remember, I always wanted to play cricket. I have played at School, University , Corporate teams, Club level, private leagues and now I am representing ACC here in The Netherlands.

Cricket Ambition- My ambition here in ACC is to play good competitive cricket in the right spirit and help in promoting Team 4 to Eerste Klasse.

I am a middle order batsman and a medium fast bowler. Few years ago, I injured my leg and my runup got totally messed up. Long story short, now I have an ultra-short and funny run up. Due to this run up , my teammates also call me scooter. I eat, sleep cricket and as long as my body allows me , I will continue playing cricket. 

Why do you play for ACC- I played one season with another club which I didn’t enjoy and later my friend Axaya introduced me to ACC, I absolutely loved it and will continue playing here at ACC until life unfolds some new chapter. 

Best Cricket Performance EVER- My favorite cricket memory is my selection into a 40 players camp post national tournament in India where I was taught a lot about the game and how you read players , match situations etc. My personal best in batting is 129 not out in a 30 over school game and as a bowler 7/18 in 8 overs in a local tournament. My best in The Netherlands is 44 runs scored in middle order and 4 wickets in 5 overs by giving 7 runs including 2 maiden overs.